Hydroflask Bottles!

Mom Approved Products / Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Now I have to admit I was a skeptic to these water bottles at first, my husband LOVED them but I never thought they were worth it. That was…until I got one myself!

My husband has had a hydroflask bottle for some time now and actually got our 2yr old daughter one too and they both love it! I finally broke down one day when REI was having a sale and I got a 24oz bottle for $15 and it was the best thing my husband ever convinced me to do! Haha 🙂

These water bottles are durable! Let me tell you! Our daughter has thrown, tossed, dropped, and at one point popped the lid off this bottle and it never breaks. Her bottle has some small dents and paint chips on the bottle cuz she is rough with it but has held up and still works! Now disclaimer that she “broke” the lid by dropping it on its straw lid accessory BUT since hydroflask offers LIFETIME warranty, my husband just emailed them and they shipped out a new one and we received it within 2 days!

This bottle keeps water cold for HOURS! I have filled up her bottle with water and ice in the morning (9am) and there will still be ice in it by the afternoon (4pm) on a 90 degree day! It’s truly amazing! I’ve had insulated cups before that claim to keep liquids cold for hours but this is the only bottle that actually has held up!

Bonus: This has also made me drink more water daily because it stays cool and fresh all throughout the day!


  • Keeps liquid cold for hours
  • Different lid accessories available (straw lid, sports cap lid, flip lid & regular lid)
  • Kid friendly
  • Durable
  • Lifetime warranty from company
  • Multiple color choices
  • Different size bottles ranging 8oz-64oz
  • Also come in wine/beer tumblers, coffee bottles, and food canisters
  • Relatively inexpensive ranging $30-$60 depending on size


  • Narrow lid bottles hard to wash
  • Must hand wash
  • Accessories sold separately and range from $5-$10

Check out hydroflask.com for full range of products, colors, and accessories.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried hydroflask and what color bottle you have! 🙂

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