Nose Sucker?!

November 29, 2017

This may sound like an odd name for a baby gear item, but its essential for those times when baby is all plugged up and uncomfortable.

The NoseFrida by Fridababy looks like an odd contraption, but it works!

STORY TIME: Now hear me out; when I first saw one being used it looked like a torture device. I was over at my sister’s house (before I had my own kids) and her then one year old had a stuffy nose and was all plugged up with boogers. My sister went into his room and came out with the NoseFrida. I thought she was going to go get a tissue or wet wipe (naive, yes, but remember this was before I had kids).

I asked her “what the hell is THAT?!”. She laughed and said its a nose sucker. I must have looked completely puzzled because then she says, “just watch”. So I sat there very concerned what she was about to do. She placed the long tube part up to my nephews nose and then put the red tab thing into her mouth and sucked! YES SUCKED! I was completely disgusted. I yelled “OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Her husband laughed and replied “torturing him” lol. He was obviously joking and then my sister explained what it really does.

Basically, you place the long blue tube up against their nostril that is plugged up and then you suck on the red tab part and it literally sucks the boogers out of their nose. Now my first question was, “so you’re eating his boogers? that’s disgusting. Mom love I guess” and just chalked her up to being a loving mother (although secretly thinking she was crazy!). She laughed and said no there is a filter so the boogers never come into contact with the air tube which leads to the parents mouth. Ahhhh! Much better. 🙂

Now flash forward to once I became a mom and my sister got me one of the NoseFrida’s for my baby shower gift. The first time I had to use it, I was scared. I was so nervous I would suck her brains out or something (dramatic, I know)! But it was actually the easiest thing to use! My daughter’s reaction was obviously confused and shocked. I mean she is getting boogers sucked out of her nose, who wouldn’t be a little confused and stunned!


  • simple and easy to use
  • compact/not bulky
  • easy to clean (simply run extremely hot/boiling water through the tube part that holds the boogers)
  • inexpensive ($12) for the sucker and extra filters through
  • non-invasive/hygienic
  • lifetime warranty through company
  • won’t mold or mildew like other suckers since you can see through the tube while cleaning


  • some kids may not like the tube up against their nose (but who would?!)
  • learning the amount of force to suck out the boogers
  • no carrying case for it to help keep the tube part sanitary

Overall, I think it’s worth it! It may look scary and weird, but try it out and let me know what YOU think!

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