Humidifiers…worth it?

Mom Approved Products / Friday, December 1st, 2017

I was never big on humidifiers before I had kids. The only time I used them was when I was sick and they always seemed to make a bigger mess than it was worth. This one humidifier I had (older model Honeywell brand), before I had kids, would leave the surrounding table or floor wet! I would wake up in the morning and the ground would be soaked!! (Yes, I installed correctly and followed all the steps to use it). It was then that I started hating using humidifiers, that is until I found the Crane Humidifier.

Once I became a mom, I would research and look on Pinterest on baby gear items that I felt like I needed/wanted. We used to live in an apartment when my daughter was first born that was rather stuffy and we couldn’t open the windows because of the neighbors smoking (yuck! thanks neighbors). Our daughter’s room would get so stuffy and dry, she was having trouble getting comfortable at night and sleeping well.  I decided to look into buying a humidifier to bring some moisture into the dry air in our daughters room. Everyone kept telling me to get one and it would bring so much happiness to my life (and more sleep).

I took their advice and after looking at a few different options (staying away from the previous model I had come to hate prior), I decided to purchase the Crane brand humidifier. Now the Crane brand comes in cute designs such as an owl, frog, monkey, elephant, etc. but I just decided to go simple and get this one here. What I liked about it was the simplicity of it. One dial to turn it on and crank up or down mist volume as I chose. There is one small, not bright light on indicator and that was it. Fill up the water tank and presto its ready to go!

I have come to LOVE this thing! I just recently put it up again in our daughters room when she had a stuffy nose and it works wonders. Lasts all night long way into the mid-morning and is the quietest thing I’ve owned (I forget it is even on sometimes and have left it on all day!).  It also does not leave water everywhere like my other brand humidifier did. The area surrounding this humidifier is completely DRY! Overall I am not disappointed with my decision to go with Crane brand.


  • quiet
  • simple to set up and get running
  • big water tank (1 gallon tank) to last all night or day (up to 24 hours)
  • does not leave water everywhere, surfaces surrounding stay dry!
  • comes in different design options to fit your personality/decor
  • relieves nasal congestion, dry coughing, sinus issues, etc.
  • auto shut-off when water runs out
  • no filter needed
  • humidifies up to 500 sq.ft rooms


  • price ($55 on Crane website & $45 on amazon)
  • fills from the bottom instead of the top
  • “on” light may be too bright for some people if they need absolute pitch black
  • cleaning can be a pain but not horrendously difficult

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