ErgoBaby Carrier! Is the Hype Worth It?!

Mom Approved Products / Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

In short answer-YES IT ABSOLUTELY IS!

The long answer is yes because it is a back saver and is the most comfortable baby carrier I’ve ever used. Before my daughter was born, I got a hand-me-down carrier from a co-worker that she liked. Once she was born and about 2 weeks old I decided to try out the carrier to make daily chores (especially laundry) a little easier.

The carrier I used before (the hand-me-down one) was this mesh carrier that for the life of me I cannot remember which one it is. It was the most complicated thing I have ever tried putting together. It was mesh to supposedly allow for breathability and it provided zero support to the baby. I felt like I had to have my hand on her back the entire time which defeated the purpose of the carrier.

Then I decided to buy a different carrier. I bought the Chicco UltraSoft Infant Carrier. This one was easier to put on and figure out the straps and such yet it still wasn’t supportive enough for the baby. I felt like her neck was just flopping around and every time I bent over I felt like she was going to fall out! I was so paranoid the whole time wearing it that I only used it for a couple hours around the house.

Then I asked my Facebook friends for advice on carriers, an overwhelming majority recommended the Ergobaby carrier. It was a little more than I wanted to spend on a carrier ($160), but I wanted to try it. I told myself I would borrow a friends and see if I like it before I purchased. Well my mom surprised me and got me this one for my birthday! I was so excited to try it out!

My family came over on my birthday and I got to try the carrier out! Now my brother and I tried to figure out how to put it together by watching YouTube videos and reading the instructions but there are four different ways to carry baby so we were trying to figure out the straps for which position I wanted. Once we got all the straps figured out the first time, it was super easy after that! I placed my daughter in the carrier and she LOVED it, she fell asleep easily and so comfortably! She was secure and comfortable which allowed me to feel comfortable enough to have both hands free (which is the entire point!).

I used the carrier almost everyday for multiple hours and my back never hurt. I could wear her all day long and feel comfortable! My own personal drawback to the carrier was I wish I would’ve bought the infant insert earlier on because I felt like it would’ve propped her up more and she would not have hung so low on my hips. Other than that (which is my own fault), I have very little cons about this carrier!


  • comfortable and supportive
  • easy to take baby in and out
  • baby is secure
  • extra padding on shoulder straps
  • four different carry positions (front carry/forward facing carry/hip carry/back carry)
  • usable for years
  • machine washable
  • wide hip band for added support
  • many accessories (teething pad, infant insert, weather covers, and detachable pouches)


  • price ($179)
  • little difficult to first get straps situated

Overall I’m so glad I received this as a gift and I would definitely recommend to anyone who plans to carry a baby! I’m so sorry I wasted my money on the other carrier and so glad I followed the recommendations and went with this brand!

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