What is the best swaddle out there?

December 8, 2017

When my daughter was first born and the nurses swaddled her at the hospital she looked like an adorable little burrito all snug and tucked in. She slept comfortably in that swaddle, but once I got home it was a whole different story!

Now there are plenty of different brands and types of swaddles out there, but let me tell you about the swaddle that saved my sanity and that my daughter couldn’t bust out of! I tried the muslin cloth ones from target, I tried the more sturdy one the hospital provided and my daughter busted out of all of those swaddles. Now it was probably user error because I just could not swaddle her the way the nurses at the hospitals could, but I mean what first time mom is a swaddle pro?! Certainly not me!

When my daughter was about a month old and started sleeping in her own crib, I was always worried about the swaddle coming undone and the loose blanket covering her face. I was terrified of SIDS and it kept me up most nights; I didn’t want the blanket to suffocate her.

My daughter was one of those babies who wanted her arms out of the swaddle, she did not like her arms being restrained or confined inside that blanket so she would wiggle and squirm her way until her arms were free but doing that resulted in the whole dang thing coming undone.  I was losing my mind with this swaddle thing. I tried tying it together at the bottom so her legs would still be swaddled but she busted out. I tried swaddling her with her arms out and she would fidget to much so I was not able to get the swaddle tight enough. Or she was just simple too big for some of these swaddles (She weighed a generous 9 pounds at birth and was almost 22 inches long).

I was about at my wits end when I came across these Halo brand Sleep Sacks. GAME CHANGER! They are like straight jackets for sleeping children! I went to my local target and bought one to try it out. It was winter time so I purchased the fleece one (they have cotton ones for summer months too). I tested during a nap time before seeing if it worked its magic at night. It was amazing! You place the baby in this “sack” and it zips down from their mid chest to their feet (very handy especially for night diaper changes), then you use the side wraps to wrap up their arms (if your child allows) and swaddle them to sleep.

My daughter refused to have her arms tucked inside, I just wrapped the side wraps around her belly/chest for a snug “hug-like” fit and she was perfectly content! I placed her down for a nap and she slept for a good couple hours WITHOUT busting out! I was amazed. But the true test came at nighttime. This swaddle definitely worked some magic because we both slept soundly through the whole night! I will say this swaddle did NOT just magically make her sleep through the night, she was already sleeping through the night by this point in time, about 2.5-3 months old. But this swaddle helped me sleep more soundly because I was not up half the night checking the monitor to make sure she didn’t bust out and get tangled in the loose swaddle.

Check out their website linked above for all the different styles and types of swaddles/sleeping sacks.


  • different size options as your child grows
  • cute designs/patterns for boys, girls, or gender neutral
  • fleece or cotton fabrics
  • machine washable
  • soft and comfortable for baby
  • allows for different sleeping options (arms in or out)
  • snug “hug-like” fit provides for calming sleep
  • no loose pieces for baby to suffocate on providing parents for better nights sleep


  • pricey, just one sleep sack ranges from $20-$25
  • if your child likes their legs tightly wrapped this may not be a good fit, the sack is looser on the bottom

Overall this product is amazing and I cannot wait to use it again with our second baby in due in February 2018.

*Disclaimer: this post may contains affiliate links. Meaning I could receive a small commission if you purchase through my link at no additional cost to you*


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