A “germ freak” parent’s new best friend!

December 9, 2017

This is a great product if you are a germ freak like I am! I was so paranoid when my daughter was born about her getting sick! I constantly made everyone hand sanitize every time then held her (obviously) but also any time we left a store and had to touch one of those gross carts! Yuck! Finally I found a shopping cart/high chair cover!

I came across this product and oh my gosh it was the best thing! I got so many compliments and questions on this product. What is great is not only does it cover grocery carts (even the bigger wide ones at target and Costco!), it can also be used to cover high chairs at restaurants!!

This cover by Infantino came with an infant insert that is basically a puffy pillow that goes around the baby to add more back and side support if they are just learning to sit up or the cart seat section is massive! It comes with 2 loops to attach toys and a see-through phone slot so you can put your phone in it, velcro it closed and they can watch a show or play a game.

*(now they come with a sippy cup strap as well. Mine is the older version but updated item still has the same features as mentioned)*

The best part-the cover goes over the ENTIRE front section of the cart, even where you hold on! So while you’re pushing the cart, you don’t have to touch the gross germ infected handle either! This was so handy for me and I loved it. Although full disclosure it does make it a little difficult to grab onto and push (my husband hated that aspect, I didn’t mind it so much). But if I don’t have to touch the gross cart handle, I’ll deal with a little tough pushing/maneuvering.


  • wraps around the entire front of cart-handle and all
  • loops for toys and phone slot
  • keeps baby sanitary
  • infant insert allows even smaller babies to sit comfortably and safely
  • has slots in back to still use the cart safety straps
  • comes in different patterns/colors
  • machine washable/easily cleaned or wiped down
  • Reasonably priced ($23)


  • makes carts hard to push if you wrap around handle bars

Comment below and let me know if this sounds like a great germaphobe gift 🙂

*Disclaimer: this post may contains affiliate links. Meaning I could receive a small commission if you purchase through my link at no additional cost to you*

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