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6 MUST HAVES after giving birth…(for the lady-bits!)

December 25, 2017

The birth of your child is one of life’s greatest gifts and quite a miraculous event, but it can also be…well…quite gross!

The miracle of birth is not all rainbows and sunshine. Your lady-bits take quite the hit and lets just be honest-it hurts like hell. After I gave birth for the first time, I was told all about the lady-bit necessities from other mothers, but oh my God no words can prepare you for what you’re about to experience.

There were some things that literally saved my lady parts and I’m here to share my top 6 MUST HAVES (not in order) to help comfort the lady bits that delivered that little bundle of joy.

  1. Big cotton granny-panties

Now I will admit I hated this idea when everyone, literally everyone, told me I had to purchase these (Disclaimer: never been a big granny-panties fan, hate to wear them. I’m more of a thong, boy-short, and hipster underwear wearing type gal myself).

But I bit the bullet and bought myself some (dark colors are always best). And boy was I glad I did because of the next item on the list. I recommend buying a size up from what you usually would purchase because you won’t want anything too tight. Plus you have to fit a pad in there too!

    2. Maxi-Pads 

These will be a underwear and overall cleanliness savor. You’ll need these wether you deliver vaginally or cesarean. You’ll bleed. I’ll repeat: you will bleed, for a few days as a matter of fact. I actually bled for a few weeks; some only bleed for a few days, but I guess I didn’t get that lucky.

Now you’ll want to get the biggest ones you can find! Those first few days after childbirth is brutal and you’ll want some super absorbing ones, especially for nighttime. I purchased a couple different lengths and thickness ones from Target but I eventually fell in love with these ones.

They were the most absorbent and didn’t leak or stain my grannies!  I did buy some shorter length ones for later in the bleeding cycle that didn’t go from belly to butt, so to speak.

     3. Numbing Spray

This was my number 1 most used item after birth for MONTHS! The nurses gave me this brand in the hospital and it was heaven on the undercarriage! It was a cold spray that numbed the area so it wasn’t as painful. With this, I could manage to get up and sit down without wincing in pain.

Once the hospital can ran out I went out and purchase this one and I swear I used this spray for weeks (Way longer than the 6 week healing period). This helped make everything feel 1000 times better and is probably my number 1 must have item!

    4. Stool Softener 

The last thing you’ll want to do is try and push (some women get constipated after birth) while you’re still healing! When the doctor suggested I get stool softeners, I felt like I was 80+ years old. But let me tell you, it was nice to not have to worry about ripping stitches pushing out a poop while I was healing and on the mend!

    5. Wet Wipes

These bad boys just keep everything extra clean and not harsh on the lower region. The wet wipes were helpful in the later part of the healing process. The first few weeks I was way to sore to even use these but after that initial tenderness faded these were nice to get an extra clean feeling (especially after continuous bleeding for weeks)!

    6. Squirt Bottle

This will help spray down and clean the “flower-garden” while it’s still too tender to even touch. The doctors also gave me one when I left the hospital, but any small plastic bottle with a squirt top will work.

You just fill it up with water and after you’re done doing you’re business, you spray the water on the area to give everything a quick rinse! (Tip: fill with like warm water to soothe the area instead of ice cold)

These are my top 6 go-to after birthing lower region products! Hope this helped! Leave a comment if you have anything to add/suggest for top products to help the down-under healing process 🙂

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