Never Would I Have Done This Before Becoming A Parent…

Story Time / Friday, December 29th, 2017

Before I became a mom if someone told me some of the things I would end up doing, I would’ve laughed in their face and told them “oh hell no I would never do that ever!”

Oh but they were right! I am sort of a germ freak and I will do anything to keep from getting sick, so the thought of getting poop on my hands or eating something second-hand would have thrown me over the edge–before kiddos that is!! Now that I have had a child, I have done some things that would make pre-child me cringe! One story in particular comes to mind.

I was shopping at the local grocery store with my mom and my daughter. We were walking around the store and my daughter was snacking on some animal crackers, jabbering away and pointing out the balloons in the floral section. We were standing in line to check-out and my daughter started getting fussy in the cart and wanted out. I gave her another animal cracker and she was about half way through chewing it and she decided she was done and didn’t want it anymore so she took the partially chewed cracker out of her mouth and was trying to hand it to me.

Now of course this is the one time I don’t bring my huge diaper bag full of wipes and baggies because I thought this would be a quick and uneventful trip since we were only about 5 minutes from the house, but of course reality struck and the universe laughed and thought “oh there’s a Mom without her fully stocked diaper bag-let’s have some fun!” Now my daughter is trying to hand me this half eaten-slobbered on cracker and I have nowhere to put this cracker that I’m now holding in my hand and it’s my turn to pay. So I did the first thing that came to my mind, since I couldn’t get out of line, I ate the cracker. There I said it-I ate it. I was hesitant but I had nothing to put the cracker in, I was stuck in line and didn’t think much of it until I turned around and saw the guy behind us’ face. He had this look of pure disgust and then I realized “oh that was probably gross to witness but ya know what? As a parent you gotta do what ya gotta do!” I looked at him with a “yeah so what” look on my face and moved on with my life. My mom was ahead of me in line and saw the whole thing. She couldn’t stop laughing at the guys face and my reaction to the whole situation. But she was laughing because she is a mom and she gets it! Clearly the guy behind us didn’t have kids and doesn’t know the struggle of being stranded with a situation and no way out so you say “screw it”, take action and hope for the best.

Looking back, I would’ve had my mom watch my daughter while I ran to the trash, but I was trying to prevent a full tantrum meltdown inside the store and I was already flustered and overwhelmed with the day so I just bit the bullet and did what I had to do.

There have been other situations I never thought in a million years I would have been in but you know what that’s what parenting is about; unpredictable situations that sometimes you just have to say “screw it” and move on. I’m sure other moms and parents can (hopefully) relate to this story! Leave a comment below with your best “screw it” parenting story!

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