Aveeno Baby Review

January 28, 2018

Out of all the baby lotions and soaps I’ve tried, I have to say that Aveeno is my favorite. I tried Johnson&Johnson when my daughter was a newborn because that is what they used in the hospital, but when that announcement came out about some of the ingredients in the soap being harmful I decided to switch it up!

My sister recommended this brand and now I don’t use anything else! I’ve even used it on myself when I’ve run out of soap! I went with this scent and I absolutely love the smell! It’s calming and relaxing, the lavender and vanilla scents calm my daughter down. I’ve been using this for 2 years now and she associates this lavender/vanilla smell of lotion and soap as time to calm down for bedtime (since it’s the only time I use the lotion/soap).

The lotion is so creamy but not too heavy! Perfect for delicate baby skin. It glides on with ease without me having to really rub it in, which I loved. The scent is delicate and not overpowering, just enough to do the calming down trick for bedtime. The soap makes bubbles in the tub so my daughter loves that. And I love the fact that it’s calming and matches the scent of her lotion, so there aren’t too many scents on her for bedtime. The soap glides on with ease as well and does a really good job of getting all the toddler grime off of her without causing skin irritation (my daughter and I both have sensitive skin).


  • Scented but not overpowering
  • Lotion isn’t sticky, thick, or greasy
  • Lightweight formula
  • Perfect for sensitive baby skin
  • Lasts a long time/little goes a long way
  • Calming and relaxing scent for bedtime
  • hypoallergenic formula with no drying out the skin


  • Only comes in certain size bottles-no travel sizes


Overall I’ve loved this soap and lotion for the past 2 years and I’ll continue to use it on my upcoming newborn as well as my toddler for many more years!

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